Birdboy, the Origin of a Hero.

Hey guy’s to day I wanted to talk about a great, ongoing, series I just learned about. Birdboy by Anne Szabla, is a truly wonderful and inventive tale. The series has great elements of myth and legend, which bring to mind old Native American tales. The story itself is an organ story following the adventures of a young hero named Bali.

Ever since marvel started their cinematic universe, origin stories have been all the rage. personally in terms of comic books, I love a good origin story. A character is nothing with out there background to guide them. In terms of origin stories, this one is top notch. The tale focuses on a young, but adventurous, boy finding the courage to grow. Set in a tribal setting, the tale has aspect of great mythical beasts and magical wonder.

The art for this particular series is incredible. Any one who is a fan of Jim Lee’s work will feel right at home. the colors used are vibrant and lively. The characters are cute but also tough. Its clear that Szalba is very skilled at her craft, and every panel stands as a testament to that fact.

If your looking for a good read before the fall semester I highly suggest giving this series a read. A link for the series can be found below. Thanks for the read, and as always, Enjoy!

Link to Birboy:



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