The Perfect Cross Between Web and Print Comics

Hey guys, so todays post is all about a webcomic series I just found out about. So far this has got to be the best webcomic I have found. I must admit I am a little biased though… and you’ll find out why in a second.

JL8 is a webcomic series created by Yale Stewart and it follows the adventures of the classic DC comic book characters, with one major twist. JL8 reimagines many characters like batman, superman, and other famous DC stars, as eight year old children. The series follows the children through various adventures in school. I happen to be a huge DC fan (there is the bias I was talking about) and love this idea.

The stories stay very true to the characters and the source material. Batman is a bit of a trouble maker, superman a good-ol-boy, and green lantern loves space. The series itself is  focused on humor, so if your looking for something a little more action heavy this might not be the best choice for you. But if your looking for an interesting and highly entertaining twist on some classic characters, than definitely give this series a read.

The artwork is amazing! The characters are adorable, and the colors are vibrant. I can’t praise this series enough. Take it from me and go check it out.

I’ve including a link to the series webpage below; Enjoy!

Seriously Guys, just look!!!

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