Minimalism and Comedy… Check out XKCD!

So this post is a little different than what I usually do, but I stumbled across this on going series and just had to share it. The webcomic is called XKCD, and although it is not a continuous story like most of the webcomics I have reviewed, it is still deeply entertaining. Each comic is self contained to one or a few panels. The series focuses mostly on geek and nerd culture humor.

What I really find interesting about this series is the minimalist approach to the art, each week. The series is done almost exclusively using stick figures. You maybe wondering, doesn’t this take away from the value of the comic? My response is, no, absolutely not! The minimalist design actually adds to the value of the web series. The minimalist art form often emphasizes the gag or joke being explored in each addition. This series really high lights what it means to be a webcomic, in my opinion. A series that is drawn using only stick figures would find it very difficult to be published in the world of print comics,  but on the internet, this type of work is right at home.


(As physics jokes go, it doesn’t get much better than that, in my book.)

Each addition to the series is full of humor, that many with a geeky side will find very satisfying. Some of the comics are actually very informative, and a few(if I’m being honest here) even went way over my head; but that is the joy of educated/nerdy humor! Check out the series at the link below!

Side note: This comic has a tendency to use the Alt-text function, so be sure to mouse over each panel for added commentary or explanation.







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