Webcomics Vs. Comic Books, The Breakdown!

This post will be a little different than my usual post’s. Instead of talking about a webcomic I recently read or am excited about I will be breaking down a major difference between, webcomics and Comic books.

Why I think this post is important?

I think it is very important for anyone looking to get into the lush world of webcomics to know the various differences between, this, and other forms of entertainment based media.

Here we go:

Anyone looking to get into webcomics who is familiar with traditional comic books will be mostly at home, with the basic design and layout of each panel in the series. the only major difference between the two medias is the format, which like most things has it’s positive and negatives. With a traditional comic book, or even a digital comic book, the reader draws a sense of anticipation from turning page to page, or scrolling page to page. while some webcomics follow this same format, some do not. Some webcomics are formatted so that the story is laid out down the webpage, so that the reader is forced to scroll, endlessly, down. While this makes sense, do to the web based format of the material, it may leave some readers feeling a little frustrated. A read can easily see what the next panel holds, well before even getting to it. This, in essence, can take a way a bit of the suspense that a traditional comic book can offer. I know, for me, a webcomic formatted in this way, is kind of bothersome. I don’t like the fact that no matter what I do I will always be able to see what is coming next in the story.  Not all web comics are laid out this way but the ones that are can be a little annoying at times.

This is just an observation I have made and in no way reflects all the numerous webcomics out there. Rant over… que explosion…



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