“Some People”… A masterpiece by Luke Pearson!

This will be a shorter post, as I am only talking about a single page webcomic. That being said I just have to give a shot out to Luke Pearson for creating this masterpiece of story telling. This webcomic is probably one of the most entertaining and thought provoking pieces of literature I have ever read. The piece itself depicts time in a way very reminiscent of how Dr.Manhattan would describe it, in the pages of The Watchmen. Comic book nerdiness aside, this story is deeply thought provoking and may even change the way you view your interactions with the world. Please take two minutes two view this wonderful webcomic and I promise you won’t be disappointed, that you did.

The webcomic can be found below:




One thought on ““Some People”… A masterpiece by Luke Pearson!

  1. Wow, I remember reading this a long time ago — it’s definitely one that shows up every now and then across the internet. I definitely think the various “story lines” are things many people can relate to through their lives, or recognize in others’ lives. It also kind of shows you have /no/ idea what someone is either going through, or their history, or even the thoughts going on inside their head, and most of us just view things with our personal context, and our own expectations.

    Personally I probably relate with the guy on the bus most — I’ve been in positions where I’m like “I really should probably … say … do someth– and the moment is gone. Now I look like an ass…” and it’s just because I’m too anxious to step up and say something. To other people though they might just assume I don’t care or I’m a typical young whippersnapper who’s more focused on herself.


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