Scatterlands… a post apocalyptic tour de force

Most comic book fans will be fairly familiar with the creator of this webcomic. Any one who has casually browsed through a comic book store has almost certainly seen a number of stories written by the popular and talented Warren Ellis. Not only did he create one of my all time favorite series, Planetary, but he also wrote the ever popular Extremis story arc for the Iron man comic book series. Ellis is an incredibly gifted story teller and should not be overlooked by anyone, fan or not.

Scatterlands is a post-apocalyptic tale by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard. Because this webcomic is written by a well known comic book writer, the entire series has very familiar comic book feel. Each panel is perfectly crafted, not giving away too much of the story at any one point. The story follows Amira the daughter of an assassin king as she trie to escape what appears to be an abandoned and rotting futuristic city. The look of the city is almost reminiscent of the cities you would see in the original Star Wars movies. Although the city looks futuristic by any of our standards it still is old, rusting, and fading; this leads to a great back drop for a very well paced story.

The artwork for this particular web comic is beautiful and keeps you wanting more as you click panel to panel. The color used is extremely well done and obviously well thought out. While a majority of the illustration is in black and white there is a strategic use of red that really makes parts of each panel stand out, and perfectly emphasizes the rusting and deteriorating nature of the cityscape.

The mixture of beautiful artwork and a perfectly well crafted story make Scatterlands a must read for any fans of comic book lore. Fans of Ellis will be right at home among the grand and epic scale of the story, and new readers will be impressed with pace at which the story moves. This is definitely a can’t miss for any and all readers of webcomics new and veteran alike.

Below is a link to the Scatterlands website where you can read the story so far:



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