Fans of Neil Gaiman REJOICE!!!

Haunter is a beautifully illustrated webcomic that I personally had the pleasure of stumbling upon the other day. Any fan of the Neil Gaiman Sandman series will be sure to love this rich and vibrant tale. Haunter is a horror comic released exclusively online by Sam Alden.

Right of the bat the first thing you notice about this webcomic is, it’s incredible illustrations and artwork. the colors and style the artist uses are incredibly reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. It was the illustration that immediately caught my eye and will be sure to suck in any potential reader. the colors are vibrant and follow a theme (lots of blues, greens, and purples). the whole piece seems to be colored with water colors which create a slight bleeding and mixing effect. The blotchy nature of the water colors and the repeated use of the greenish blueish colors really adds a sense of horror to the fantasy/horror story.

One of the most unique parts of this webcomics is that there is no dialogue, what so ever. this is a true testament to the artwork of the piece. the fact that the story can still be engaging and interesting with out dialogue speaks volumes about the artwork. each panel leaves you breathless and wanting more. With out dialogue the entire story can be read through fairly quickly (15 minutes tops). Even with a 15 minute run-through-time, you still fell satisfied in having read the story, as the artwork more than makes up for lack of extensive character development and narrative.

Anyone who is a fan of the artwork found in any of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman works should check this out, as they won’t be disappointed.

Below is a link to a website housing a collection of the Haunter story:




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