Destructor… a Sci-fi fantasy adventure!


For my first webcomic intro I will be discussing a comic by Sean T. Collins and Matt Wiegle. Destructor is a Sci-Fi fantasy adventure very reminiscent in feel to the popular comic book series Planetary, created by Warren Ellis and John Cassidy. Destructor follows a lone hero on a mystical quest. The main character is very much an enigma throughout the beginning of the series, speaking very little and revealing even less about his motives or the reasons for his actions.

This mystery is what drew me into the the destructor series. Fans of the comic book series Planetary will feel right at home. In the Planetary series it took almost a third of the series for the full identity of the main character to be revealed. It is this type of story telling that really draws in an audience. Even secondary characters in Destructor like Lady Bones are only revealed by name after many panels of action and plot. each panel leaves you questioning. This may sound like a bad thing, but if done successfully this can lead to a very immersive story and world. Destructor is definitely successful in this type of writing and should not be over looked by comic book fans looking for a fresh story to explore.

The series perfectly mixes aspects of both Sci-Fi and fantasy. While the main character may be helping a prisoner retrieve a death mask, there is still a technologically advanced army on his tail. It’s this unique blend of science fiction and fantasy that makes Destructor stand out. Just like with Planetary, where the main characters could one moment be uncovering a secret involving Sherlock Holmes and the next discovering an inter dimensional alien ship; so to could destructor one second be battling a serpent king and the next fighting a high-tech army.

There are many characters and secrets to explore in this lush and fantastically written/illustrated tale, and any fan of the series Planetary should not overlook it. Destructor is a must read for anyone looking to burst into the webcomic scene, and explore a fantasy world intertwined with science fiction elements.  Anyone who enjoyed that feeling of “wonder what this is all about?”, that Planetary gave you, will love this series as well.

Below is link to the Destructor website:

Thanks for reading and enjoy.




One thought on “Destructor… a Sci-fi fantasy adventure!

  1. Really like the review here. I particularly like how you compared it to “Planetary”(even though I personally haven’t heard of it). It gives people who have heard of it a good idea on how they should perhaps perceive the webcomic in review. I briefly checked out the link you gave and will say that while “Destructor” didn’t necessarily catch my interest to keep up with it, it was definitely an interesting read given how it manages to safely blend sci-fi and fantasy together.


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